To color the World with fire-safe products, Alucopanel® Middle East LLC established a Coil Coating Line (CCL). Each coil is tested with a highly automated process leading to high-quality surfaces with a warranty lasting for more than 20 years for Kynar PVDF paint system. Since you are our priority, we make sure to provide close technical cooperation with you.

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Alucopanel® established a Pre-coated Aluminum Coils plant in May 2018 for in house orders and direct customer requirements, with a mission to color the world with its Fire-Safe Products. The company provides pre-coated aluminum for a wide range of ACP, Building Panels, Roofing, and Internal Ceiling Solutions specifically developed and formulated by the CCL.

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Pre-coated Aluminum Coils is suitable for a huge range of applications in a variety of industries.

  • Roofing / Warehouse
  • Interior Ceilings
PO Box 18022, National Industries Complex,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ALLOY: 1100/ 3003/ 3105/ 5005
TEMPER: H14/ H15/ H16/ H18
Coil Thickness: 0.18 - 1.0mm
Width of Coil: 600- 2000mm
Coating Type: High Polymer Primer/PE/ HDPE/ PVDF/ FEVE
COIL SPECIFICATION 1 Tensile Strength ASTM B209 Min: 172N/mm2
Max: 221N/mm2
2 Yield Strength ASTM B209 Min: 145N/mm2
3 Elongation ASTM B209 Min: 1.00%
COATING PERFORMANCE 4 Color Difference Test ASTM D 2244 ∆E ≤2.0
5 Color Matching Cabinet ASTM D 1729 Visual Inspection
6 Dry Film Thickness (DFT) Test ASTM D7091 Primer Coat: 5-7 μm
2-Coat: >20μm
3-Coat: >30μm
7 Specular Gloss @60 ASTM D 523- 89 In reference with Master Sample ±5%
8 Pencil Hardness Test ASTM D3363 HB- 4H
9 Film Adhesion Test by Boiling Water AAMA 2605 No Removal of paint
10 Film Adhesion Test by Boiling Water AAMA 2605 No Removal of paint
11 Solvent Resistance Test ASTM D 4752 No removal of paint @ 100 DBR
12 Coating Flexibility T - Bend Test ASTM D 4145 < 2T
13 Impact Resistance Test 50 kg-cm ASTM D 2794 No crack and Paint Peel-off
14 Salt Spray Resistance ASTM B 117 There should be no blistering rating exceeding 2S2
on the un-scribed area and an average under-
creep length of 2mm (either side) at the scribed
mark, according to ISO 4628-ASTM D714 (Blister)
and ASTM D1645
15 Humidity Resistance ASTM D 2247 Blister rating should not exceed more than 2S2
according to ISO 4628-ASTM D714
16 Gloss and Color Retention ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2244 There shall be NO Color change < 5 DE and Gloss
Retention >20%
17 Chalking Resistance ASTM D 4214 Chalking Rating: 6, after 1000 hours exposure to UV-B
Coating Range
PVDF Coating (Polyvinylidene fluoride)

Our premium-performance fluoropolymer coating provides superior flexibility along with excellent UV protection. PVDF is widely used in architectural coatings due to the excellent weathering characteristics of fluorinated materials. The coating contains a minimum of 70% PVDF resin that makes it most durable and surely meets or exceeds AAMA 2605 requirements.

PE Coating (Polyester)

The Polyester paint finish typically lasts 8-12 years. This range of products is suitable for roofing and cladding, offering a limited level of performances and not recommended when a very good level of outdoor resistance needed as well as for appearance permanency as for corrosion resistance.

HDPE Coating (High Durable Polyester)

Made with thermoplastic coatings, this product has excellent flexibility and offers a wide range of colors and gloss ranging up to 85%. UV stable and resists stress cracking. Typically lasts 10-15 years.

FEVE Coating (Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether)

It is a remarkable second generation fluoropolymer coating. Leading the product to be excellent for weather ability and making it more chemical-resistance. The FEVE coated coils include a wide range of gloss, excellent adhesion, recoatability and even ambient cure characteristics.

PU Coating ( Polyurethane )

Enhanced with specialty additives, polyurethane coating products are characterized by exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals and weathering processes. Due to this versatility, you will find polyurethane used as a primer, intermediate coat or a topcoat depending on the needs of the application.