Fire-safe Aluminum Composite Panels guaranteed to protect any property

Fire Safety First Priority

ALUCOPANEL Middle East LLC dedicatedly supplies, designs and manufactures FR, A2 and A1 grade aluminum composite panels adhering to the international best practices and fully in compliance with Latest Edition of UAE Fire & Life Safety Guidelines.

More than ever, buildings of the future not only have to comply with the height demands on design, they also have to meet the latest technical requirements such as sustainability, energy efficiency and most importantly fire protection.

Merging aesthetics and safety our solutions set new standards for cladding materials with certified and proven fire retardancy characteristics.


World-class quality

World’s Leading ACP brand

ALUCOPANEL Middle East LLC is a leading brand of Aluminum composite panels in Dubai and is also the focal brand of ALUCOPANEL Middle East LLC that happens to be a child company of the renowned Danube Group. ALUCOPANEL Middle East LLC main facility is situated in the National Industries Park of Dubai, UAE while its sales & support offices are present in the entire UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia.


Aluminum Composite Panel Expert

Our Dubai Factory and Distribution Center

ALUCOPANEL Middle East LLC proudly claims to hold complete know-how of aluminum composite panels & its related systems and offer comprehensive solutions to each of its clients in terms of materials, accessories and technical support. Therefore, completion & timely delivery of large orders, thanks to three high-capacity, modern manufacturing plant and maintenance of large stocks of materials at each given time is never an unmet challenge at ALUCOPANEL Middle East LLC.


Certified and tested

  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 with full implementation of the Quality Management System in the Organization
  • Certified by Dubai Municipality (DCL)
  • Certified by Civil Defence Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, R.A.K, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain
  • Certified ACP products covering reaction to fire testing standards ASTM E84, & EN 13501-1 as well as ASTM D1929 for its self & flash ignition temperature test.
  • Certified Closed-Joint Systems with ALUCOPANEL® FR and ALUCOPANEL® A2 in accordance to NFPA 285 “Intermediate Scale Multi-story Apparatus Test”
  • Certified Ventilated Facade System with ALUCOPANEL® A2 in accordance to BS 8414-1 “Full-scale Facade Fire Propagation Test” (FIRST TO PASS IN THE WORLD)
  • 24-Hours Non-stop Production